Bob's Talk and Bible Study Outlines

            Are We Today's Pharisees?

            The Bible

            Christmas Customs

            Cleansing God's Temple

            Common Questions Asked About the Christian Faith

            Eternal Perspective

            How to Study the Bible

            The Holy Spirit

            Jesus Christ - Who is He?  Why Did He Come?

             Last Things

             Lost Sheep

            Mortification - Putting Sin to Death 



            Sanctification:  Growing in Christ

            Shepherd Leadership - A Bible Study

            Spiritual Gifts

            Suffering - A Bible Study

            Time Management & Priorities

            Who is God?  What is He like?

            Word Studies on Salvation


These are just a few of the outlines of Bob's talks or Bible studies.  (Most are unavailable because they are handwritten.)  We will add to this list as more become available. Bob is the Director of the Spiritual Formation Division of New Missions Systems International.

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